The End Of Mediocrity

Enough is enough.

Enough of my status-quo marriage, half the time it feels like we’re just going through the motions. Enough of my mind-numbing job, day after day of the same thing. Enough school already, am I ever gonna use this stuff anyway? Enough settling for less. Enough just getting by. Enough of this mediocre life! Who the hell wants anything to be “status-quo” anyway? What about passion? What about excitement? What about adventure?

Ever feel like this? Chances are good that somewhere along the way you might have. Heck, I’m guessing we all have from time to time. Surely you feel proud of this self admitted status-quo state of being, right? This is the life you’ve always dreamed of, right?

Some may think that’s just how life is. You go to school, grow up, get married get a job…then you die. I think I’ve even seen a t-shirt with that on it. Really? Are you really ready to settle for less?

What if, we were actually made for a life that is more like what we’ve always dreamed? What if, we deserved more out of life–not only the lucky ones–everyone?

Some people, it seems, just have it made. They have an amazing job. A fabulous marriage. Some just seem to be happy all the time. How is that fair? How do they do it? Are they born that way?

Well, maybe some. However, throughout history people have beat the odds. They’ve had a vision for their life. Made decisions and taken action. Many display heroic qualities, even in the most challenging situations. They simply don’t settle for less. They understand the need to live with a higher standard. With great humility, they realize a need to live for something more. They are the ones who do what the “average” person won’t.

One thing is for certain, all of us are exactly where we are in life precisely because of our actions. Big and small. Day in and day out. Everything we do matters. Not just sometimes–every time. Even when life deals an unforeseen blow, how we act and react makes the difference.

What if we were to take our ordinary, everyday lives and inject some heroism? Yes, heroism. What if you and I decide to turn it up a notch at work? What if instead of a run-of-the-mill peck on the cheek, you grab your spouse with passion and lay one on ‘em like never before? What if you greet that next diaper with a smile? What if you approach your studies with a whole new outlook? What if you tried to do a little something, better every day?

This is the manifesto of Ordinary Heroics. This is the manifesto that kicks-off the exploration of heroism in ordinary, everyday life. From marriage to parenting. Professional work to studying. From that amazing teacher you had to your phenomenal friend. Heroes from history and heroines from literature.

Maybe you would like to join the adventure and explore the excitement and reality of heroism? Maybe, you might even try applying heroism in your everyday life? You might just experience fulfillment like never before. This is my invitation to you. An invitation to discover Ordinary Heroics.

“Why peck around like a barnyard hen when you can soar to the heights of an eagle?” – St Josemaria Escriva


3 thoughts on “The End Of Mediocrity

  1. Chris Rawlings says:

    Very well said, Jay. I think that’s a fine way to open up what should be an interesting bunch of posts on–as you put it–ordinary heroism. I’m especially interested in reading about how this might apply to specifics. How, for example, might the next diaper–oh man–be an avenue by which I or anyone else changes the world.

  2. Jim Zapapas says:

    I love the title: Ordinary Heroics !
    There are so many things that WE can do everyday to make a difference in not only someone else’s life, but our own…and it starts with God…which starts with our attitude toward what we believe His will is for us. To be happy in His love! The funny thing about our attitude is that it’s “contagious”.

    It is in this attitude that we can be anything but mediocre in our daily lives.
    So much easier said than done, but with constant practice and prayer, we can do it.

    Thanks Jay for starting this!!!

  3. Jay,
    I look forward to your future blogs. Your message needs to be heard! To embrace one’s day-to-day duties and responsibilities in a heroic fashion as you describe it could help transform many lives!

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